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The basic conditions for responsive web pages

The basic conditions for responsive web pages



What kind of web page is a responsive web page ?


What are the features and features of responsive web pages?

Condition 1 : The content block is automatically adjusted


Web content automatically adjusts for movement regardless of how the browser resizes

The width of the web page content will never exceed the browser's current widthThere will be no side scrolls. 



Condition 2: Dynamic cropping and compression of the image


In the face of unstable bandwidth and browsers of different size devices, the picture must be dynamically compressed,to save network load.



For example: small size mobile phones, do not need a complete large picture.


Possible implementations are shown on the following page:




Real-time image compression is an example of a real-time compression

Condition 3 : There must be a mobile version of the menu


Whether it is a desktop version or a mobile version,Main menuIt all has to exist.



Condition 4: Touch operation is supported


On mobile devices, there is no mouse and can only be operated by fingers.


Browsers already support basic up-and-down web pages, howeverSwipe left and rightYou must develop your own program.


More responsive web features


In addition to the basic conditions mentioned earlier, advanced responsive web pages include:


  • Image lazy loading
  • Automatically convert tables to responsive structures 
  • Do not use Flash or SliverLight at all
  • Transform content based on geographic region 
  • Transform content based on the user




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