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7-11 Supermarket shipping methods

1. If the order is paid for a supermarket pickup, remember the ' of the orderThe Supermarket Pickup Service Number' 。  

2. To 7-11 ibon click "Shopping/Shipping"


3. Click "Delivery Notes"

4. Click on "Shipping"

5. Click "ibon Shipping"

6. Click "Code Entry"

7. Enter the order 'The Supermarket Pickup Service Number' 。  

8. Read the Service Instructions and press Agree

9.  Tick the details and click "Confirm"

10. Print the document

11. Finally, take the items you want to send and the printed delivery slip to the counter staff. 

In the future, after the consumer completes the payment for the supermarket pickup, the relevant fields and status of the order will be automatically updated by the program.

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